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A brand new class –

UFO Roundtable with Marilyn Belford

For those of you who have taken her class, but couldn’t find the free time to finish your project or are stuck and need some help… join the others at the Roundtable to finally get it done. There will be a full forum for posting, and plenty of good discussion and advice.

This course runs over a 10 week period.


Another new class – Montage Quilting  by Marilyn Belford

Montage  is the art of composing a single composition by juxtaposing or superimposing many pictures or designs to give the illusion that the elements belonged together originally, forming a new blended whole.   You will also learn how to translate this into an exciting new art quilt.

This quilt of Poseidon is used as one of the samples in this class.

.The Wrath of Poseidon 225

Registration now open… Click here to join in the fun.

Realistic Fabric Portraits

Realistic Fabric Portraits

How many times have you heard an admirer of an art quilt (perhaps yourself) say, “That is so beautiful, I wish I could do that”, or exclaim, “Oh, I can never do that, I can’t even draw a straight line.” Geared mainly for those quilters who cannot draw, Marilyn will guide you step-by-step through the techniques that enable you to produce realistic fabric portraits of loved ones. In this class, you will learn how to use the computer to adjust photos, appliqué by fusion, deal with the features on a face and use thread painting for the finishing touches. Good basic sewing skills are necessary.

Student Work from Fabric Portraits with Marilyn Belford

linda_diaz     cherie_brown_portrait

Linda Diaz from Fabric Portraits and  Cherie Brown

UrsulaLancasterWIPcollar     Ruth-keys_2008-11-02-1
Ursula Lancaster and Ruth Keys

carolynHitter_G27_WIP 9     lindaK_Bill_Finished_Portrait
Carolyn Hitter and Linda K in Canada from Fabric Portraits


Michele in Perth

dee_johnson1     laRetta_Trower

Dee Johnson and LaRetta Trower


the Academy of Quilting

Art for Quilters

Open up your horizons . . . I will show you how to bring the basic tools of an artist to the world of fabric. From a still life to a landscape, learn how to get exciting results by applying the artist’s methods and composition tools to your quilting. Learn how you can create quilts of emotion and depth. This course will give you a new perspective that will change how you approach your quilting projects. Simple exercises will let you practice what you learn without a major project commitment. All levels. Four Lessons.

Student Work From Previous Classes

Brigitte Otto

Brigitte Otto



Terry Aske

Chris Predd


Marilyn is also available to give an informative and entertaining talk to your group. Workshops are more intensive, ranging from a full day to five three-hour sessions. For more details, see below.


Techniques of the Art Quilt

Lecture/slide show which includes an overall discussion of Marilyn’s method of making realistic portraits and art quilts. Slides include a step-by-step presentation of one of the artist’s quilts. A trunk show of selected quilts accompanies the talk.(one hour)

Posterizing and Line Drawing for Fabric Portraits

Learn to prepare a posterized image from a photograph, and produce a line drawing for transference to muslin, in preparation for applique in making realistic portraits. No drawing skills needed, just a basic understanding of computer operation (demo only-not hands-on). Bring a photograph that you are contemplating using for making a realistic portrait. There will be grab-bag selections of your photos for the posterization demo and the line drawing. Discussion of the pros and cons of using the photo selected by you will take place after the demo (as time allows).


During some classes in order to learn as many different styles as possible, students will develop samples rather than completing a class project.

“Dealing with faces” (Full day)

A Workshop that guides you through the transference of design, applying fabric, and free-motion machine embroidery for embellishment of Portraits. Students must bring a sewing machine with Zig Zag and “feed-dogs down” capability to class. Students will work from a kit that includes a variety of facial features ready for transference (included in material fee). Students have the option of selecting which features they prefer to work on, i.e. – a smile with teeth, eyes, eyeglasses, hair, etc. In order to learn the different techniques, students will develop samples rather than completing a class project. Full supply list and preparatory instructions available on registration. Student level – Intermediate to advanced.

PORTRAITS (5 weeks – 3 hr classes, once a week) for Guilds and shops within a 100 mile radius from Caldwell, NJ only.
Create an heirloom from a photograph of someone in your family, the family pet, or some very special person in your life, You will create life-like fabric portraits using the proper selection of fabrics, light and shadow, fusible webs, and threadpainting. Sewing machines with “feed-dogs down” capability a must. Students will go home with completed “top.” Preparatory instructions and a complete list of supplies available on registration. Student level – Intermediate to advanced.

PORTRAITS can also be done as an intensive weeklong workshop.

Lectures and workshops may be combined. However, if a variation, combination, or a subject other than those presented above is desired, a discussion of it’s feasibility will be necessary before concluding arrangements.

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  1. Just wondering if you were still teaching. Computer classes are not really my thing. Maybe the portraits are my most interest. I live on the east coast and willing to take a road trip. Looking forward to hearing from


  2. Hello,

    I love your work and would be interested in more information about your classes. I live in Monmouth County and I’m the program person for Rebecca’s Reel Quilters.


  3. Hi I am the scheduler for CAMEO QUILT GUILD We are looking at the 2018-2019 year. Could you please send me information on cost for the lecture Techniques of the Art Quilt and workshop Dealing with faces.

  4. I would very much like an online class. I have been looking for this for some time now. It would be very nice if you could do a class closer to the Midwest.

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