2 thoughts on “Medusa 1500px

  1. Hi Marilyn! I was honored to view this beauty in person at Daytona AQS show this week. We sold our home in NW Pennsylvania in January. I often think of my visit to your home and how gracious and wonderful you were to me. I am very happy to see you are still producing AMAZING work. You will always be my quilting hero!! Hope all is well with you. Does Rundy still help with your internet related stuff? We will eventually be in mid-Florida in a retirement community. You will ALWAYS be welcome in our home!!! With much love, from Patty Mellring

    • Hi Patty! How nice to hear from you again. I no longer live in Chenango Forks. I moved to New Jersey to be closer to my daughter. Of course this means Rundy is too far away to help with my computer. I have a son who lives in Pinellas Park area in Florida. He has his own computer company and builds specialized computers for various businesses. He also connects with me remotely to fix my computer when needed. Where in mid Florida will you be located?Stay in touch!

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